You Can Be a Super Dad in 7 Minutes a Day!
We’ll Show You How With our Easy-to-Follow
Bite-Sized Chunks of Fatherly Wisdom


Designed by Counselors and Men's Life-Skills Group Facilitators & Trainers, the Super-Dad Program Provides
Busy Dad's with Modern-Day Tools and Strategies to be the Role Model their Kids Need! 


The SUPER-DAD Program includes Regular Emails over a 3 month period. These include Tips, Tasks, Worksheets,
Video Lessons and Resources that will Guide your Parenting into New Territory

Complete the Program in 3 months or at Your Own Pace!

Normally $129/ month
SPECIAL LAUNCH OFFER – $97 for the entire program
This is an amazing discount of 75%


Hi and Welcome to the Super Dad Project!

Andy Roy and Stephen Halsall have had the pleasure of working with many thousands of fathers, stepfathers, uncles and mentors all around Australia over the past 10 years…… so they’ve learnt a lot about fathering boys and girls…. and what makes the difference between being an average dad….. a good dad…. and a Super Dad.


They are both very fortunate to belong to a strong community of men, women and elders who have been supporting kids, teens and parents to live happy and full lives that are mindful, heartfelt and willing.  

As Dad's themselves they've had personal experience as well that backs up the professional experience of counseling sessions, group life-skills programs for men, father/ son programs and public parent evenings. What they teach has to work for them!


And you know what? From all the families they’ve worked with… well meaning and intelligent dad’s just like you would say the same things…


When asked what was stopping them being a better dad (not dad of the year, just one step closer to being the kind of dad they want to be)… do you know what nearly all of them say?


Well first they’d scratch their heads and think… Then they’d say 2 things….


  • Too busy, AND

  • They don't know what to do or lack the skills.


For many their limited time was tied up in conflict and problem solving rather than having fun together.


We all live in a busy world…. so the Super Dad program breaks the ‘what dads need to do’ all down into bite sized chunks that cover the big issues, including.


  • Managing Technology use instead of being a policeman in your own longeroom
  • How to improve Communication including turning good communication into great communication

  • Building and maintaining Healthy Connection in day to day routines 

  • Encourage and foster Respect and Discipline as key values within a home

  • Seeing Service and Contribution as vital components of growing up

So there’s no large manuals to pour over after a hard day, just a simple plan that has been engineered from over 10 years work with many dad’s just like you.


Whether you're just starting a family or facing the very real challenges of the teenage years, you're in the right place.


We’ve sifted through the plethora of information available today and delivered a variety of powerful face to face programs that we’ve distilled into portions that are easy to implement in an online form.


The SUPER DAD project is all about meeting the needs of busy dad’s. It delivers practical and effective tools and exercises to bring more enjoyment and success to being a dad in todays world.



Aside of all the families they’ve worked with, Andy has 6 children from 8-20 so this is not just theory. He’s read it all tried it all and have had some spectacular failures … it comes with the territory … or so we were told told.


But we reckon you’d rather skip the monumental stuff-ups and learn from the mistakes and the wisdom of others right?

So whether you’re doing it for yourself, your kids or because your wife made you, please hear this.


You will find this program refreshing and not at all what you are probably expecting. We hear this all the time.


Men come along to programs wondering what their wife has gotten them into and in a short time they realise there’s no catch, there’s no one waiting in the wings to expose him or any other sub-plot.


We are all for learning being fun, creative, engaging and above all – useful!


Let's Be Clear!

It’s important to be clear from the outset that what we mean by a Super-Dad isn't some unachievable Pollyanna-type Disney-Dad.

A Super Dad is a real flesh and blood man with some Great Skills AND some Failings too….

Success comes down to the Bounce-Back Factor from the inevitable mistakes we all make… it’s about Getting the Simple Things Right.

Mistakes are welcome and in fact mandatory. They are not to be avoided AND can easily be a place of great learning and connection with our families.


You might be surprised at how simple it is to be that kind of dad!


The really great thing about The Super Dad Program is that there’s a big bonus for men wanting to be better dad’s …….. that the benefits don't stop with your children.


Dad’s will universally report that strained relationships at work and in extended family have had big shifts.


The look in dads faces transforms when they open up and realise just how much is on offer that they were previously unaware of


And then you just can't stop them!


Some will smile and quietly reveal how their sex life improved as well!


Now we know that’s not why you’re here…. but hey, that’s a pretty good benefit!


What if having a super relationship with your kids was just a breathe away?


What if we could help you cut through the plethora of parenting info out there… and get right to the core of what's important….. AND what works?


And like we said, what if the benefits just kept coming in all your relationships?


…..even good relationships can be great relationships.



Firstly we’d like you to know that we’re here for you throughout the program. The Super Dad program also includes Unlimited Email Support so if you need us, we’ll be right beside you all the way.

So lets be clear what you are getting here;

Bite sized chunks of fatherly wisdom delivered to you in easy to achieve chunks. This includes;

  • Practical and to-the-point Video lessons and stories

  • Stories of Success … and the biggest lessons learnt the hard way

  • Audio interviews, stories and resources that will entertain and inform you

  • Worksheets that will gradually compile into a customised plan that works for you

  • Unlimited email support so you know we're right beside you

  • Extra bonuses that will surprise and even delight you!

ALL of these are guaranteed to move you into new terrain in your parenting skills and outlook.

The Super-Dad Project Launch

The Super Dad Monthly membership is Normally $129/month for 3 months.


We’re delighted to offer you our Launch Price Today of $97 for the entire program.


At about the cost of dinner for 2 at a restaurant you will have an intelligent, practical and effective blueprint for being the dad you want to be and giving your kids what they need.


It’s important to us that you know that we are not about selling this to anyone who doesn't get significant benefit.  


We know the benefits FAR outweigh the cost, So here’s our offer to you.

Buy the Super Dad program for $97 today and if you are not satisfied in the first 30 days then just let us know and we’ll refund your money immediately.

This represents exceptional value!

Our launch offer of One upfront payment of $97 Saves you a massive 75% or $290.


History is littered with more stories of absent and abusive fathers… than it is of healthy and attentive dads.


Media is full of negative buffoon-like or anally retentive role models for dads.


The previous generations of fathers faced an entirely different set of issues and were raised themselves in a way that many would consider unhealthy today


Most dads today know that what their father did no longer works… or is inappropriate.


And dads talk about their relationship with their dad’s, there are similar themes;


  • He provided well but they had no idea who he was

  • Some never knew him or had little to do with him… and there are also problematic stories of stepfathers 

  • Some will tell us their dad was emotionally unavailable and couldn't connect with his wife or his kids

  • And we hear themes like he was either angry or shut down.


We need to be more than this for our kids and grand kids.


Some men will say that to us that the only way knew how to be a dad was was by doing the opposite of what he did.


Mums often want so much more for their kids than they got from their fathers and some in fact still struggle to trust men.


The statistics for fatherless and under-fathered kids are shocking. Women get it instinctively and don't need the stats to reveal what they know….


A Good Father has a Monumental Impact on a Child's Wellbeing


And we could go on but … but you get the picture…


We’re guessing you’re here because firstly you care and secondly you know there’s room for improvement either because somethings not working and / or you realise your child is changing and you have some concern or confusion on how to handle it.  


So lets get to the point here…….how can you parent your children today so they can thrive and even flourish?


How can you give your kids the start in life that will see them through to a happy and successful adulthood?


How can you as Yoda says ‘unlearn in order to learn


And what is the best approach for you… as this is not a one size fits all game. How can you:



Recognise what you are doing that is great 
Adapt the behaviours that need a tweak AND
Make changes that are possibly significant?


That’s why we're here… and why we’re delighted to offer you this unique program.


Each man is different and this Super dad program has been designed to suit all men


So whether you’re a quiet dad’s or the boisterous type…

Whether you’re a CEO or a Greenie….

If you’re a tradie, a truckie, a FIFO or a stay at home dad…


We’ll show you how to operate as an active and aware father and partner in this fast paced world where you will be tuned-in and attentive to the needs of today's boys and girls.


And give them the foundation they need to prosper…


Bad jokes aside is there any doubt of the power of positive influence of a good father.

Fathers are awesome…. A son's first hero and a daughter's first love….


Here’s what some of our Dads have to say about working with us;

Rick Veronica & Max

Victor & Patrick

Murray & Ollie




Do it for your kids AND do it for yourself!


'Whether you do this for yourself, your family, your kids, or because you know it will affect the generations to come….. this will give you purpose, and the satisfaction in growing healthy, happy and magnificent young adults; PARENTING MAKES YOU FEEL GREAT! Enjoy success after success!'

Father of the Year!

What!… in 7 minutes!. C’mon, that’s rubbish….

In the eyes of your kids as they become adults and even parents themselves, imagine the pride when they come to you for help and to tell you how much they valued the way you parented them.

That’s the only award that counts. Your kids are the only judges that count ! Father of the year in your kids eyes is the best trophy you could want.

Being a Super Dad is the most precious gift you could give your kids… it’s the gift that keeps on giving!

You Can Do It!

Learn how to be a Super-Dad in 7 minutes a day.

Here you have a system developed for dads from any walk of life or any level of experience. With these easy-to-follow steps you will be a super dad…. And it will do wonders for your relationship with their mother!

Improve your parenting, and rest easy!

It’s what goes on between the floppy things on the side of your head that also makes a difference to your parenting.

You will learn how to adopt the right mindset so that the strategies we share with you will have a potent effect on your life and relationships.

Without the right mindset even the best strategies are unlikely to work.

About Andy Roy & Stephen Halsall

Stephen and Andy have been running programs for fathers and sons for 10 years. In this time they have worked with over 5000 families and teenagers in a variety of formats from parenting seminars, family and school programs including week-long Rite-of-Passage camps.

Their message is unique and their approach to working with fathers is life-changing. Many comment that they wish they had had this experience with their fathers when they were young. Others who have been facing real challenges and have been in and out of school offices and counseling rooms have commented that ‘no-one else taught us what you did.’

From their early beginnings mothers and fathers would regularly recommend Andy & Stephens programs to other families and to school staff as these changes are vital for all families.

What Andy and Stephen offer is for all families whether struggling with real challenges or to support good relationships to become great relationships.

More and more they would hear from fathers who lived in other parts of the world who couldn’t attend programs, but wanted help. There were also many men who work as fly-in-fly-out dad’s in the mining and related industries, which despite good intentions were unable to get to a program.

So in the last 2 years they have been forming programs to suit all dad’s, particularly those who are busy and unable to commit to working face to face.

What you have here is just that…. the distillation of their experience working with many fathers and sons, in an easy to use practical format.

For more information on Andy and Stephens work with schools and families, please visit


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